Signature Custom Wax Stamp

Signature Custom Wax Stamp

from 120.00

We are thrilled that you would like to add one of our wax seal stamp designs to your project! Signature Designs start at 120CAD, while Custom wax seal stamps start at 180CAD. This would be a gorgeous keepsake that you could use later on for your personal stationery and future branding projects. Once you’ve placed your order for a Custom wax seal stamp, we will email you to further discuss the design that you are looking for. Right now, we are able to create custom botanical or typographic designs.

On this listing, you are able to:

  • Choose from one of our Signature Designs or place an order for a Custom Design to match your project! Diameter of seal is approximately 1”.

  • Choose between a classic Dark handle of a classic Blonde handle

  • Add on wax seal sticks (see in-house colours below)

Some tips when using wax seal stamps with the wax seal glue gun method:

  • Remember to seal AFTER addressing your invitation envelopes (no one wants to write on bulky envelopes!)

  • One wax seal stick can produce approximately 8-10 seals. We recommend using this low-temp. Sealing Wax Glue Gun or something similar. Make sure it fits a standard 0.44” diameter sealing wax stick.

Swipe product photos to see our available designs!

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In-House Wax Seal Colour Options

More colours available through our partnership with    Artisaire

More colours available through our partnership with Artisaire