Vellum + Twine/Ribbon Assembly

Vellum + Twine/Ribbon Assembly

from 75.00

Check another thing off your list by letting us assemble and finish up your suites for you. Sealed with wax (or a kiss!) and/or wrapped with vellum, fine twine, or silk ribbon, we’re positive your guests would be blown away with your invitation packages.


The vellum wrap doesn’t only give your guests a sneak peek of your invite, but also helps protect and keeps your wedding stationery intact when it arrives to them.

Fine Twine

Add a more organic, yet modern feel to your suites with the finest paper twine.

one size, available in White

Silk Ribbon

If you’re looking for a romantic and old world feel, silk ribbons would be the perfect addition to your suites.

sizes available: 0.25” and 0.5”

colours available: Dove, Taupe, Abalone, Mist, French Blue, Sea

Please see Semi-Custom Guide for complete colour preferences or below for ribbon colours.

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