Frequently Asked Questions

Weddings are one of life's big moments and, of course, we want everything to be perfect right from the get-go. If not perfect, we want our plans to fall into place bit by bit. Sooner than later, after you ask/get asked THE question, you'd have some research to do and guess what, your wedding invitations will be one of the first things you might want to narrow down. Having said that, I've compiled some wedding stationery and calligraphy FAQs for you. Grab some popcorn, pour a glass of wine, and dive in.

  • What are your rates?

Due to the custom nature of our work, our design services vary from client to client and job to job. If you would like a more accurate quote or are interested in learning more about our services, please click one (or a few) of these links below:

Envelope Calligraphy

Bespoke Invitation Suites

Semi-Custom Invitation Suites

Day-of Event and Signage

  • When do I need to order my invitation suites?

Bespoke Invitation Suites: Approximately 6 months before your wedding date

Semi-Custom Invitation Suites: Approximately 4 months before your wedding date

  • When do I need to send out my invitations?

Destination Weddings: Approximately 3-4 months before your wedding date

Local Weddings: Approximately 6-8 weeks before your wedding date

  • Do I need to send Save-the-Dates?

If you are planning a destination wedding or your wedding date is on a major holiday, sending Save-the-Dates is highly-encouraged to give your guests enough time to plan ahead, book accommodations, and possibly time off work.

Destination Weddings: Approximately 9-12 months before your wedding date

Local Weddings: Approximately 6-8 months before your wedding date

  • I'm torn between a couple designs in The AYLA View Collection! Is it possible to swap some things around?

The AYLA View Collection was carefully thought-out and the design elements were deliberately chosen. You are welcome to mix and match some of the enclosure cards from different collections, but we would like to keep the design elements and their placement intact. That being said, we want you to be absolutely satisfied with our products and services. If you have any questions regarding the semi-custom suites, or learn how you could personalize them even more, check out The Collection Guide or please send us a love note.

  • How many invitation sets should I order?

When determining how many sets you'd need to order, please count the number of households receiving invitations as opposed to the number of guests. We encourage you to decide on your quantities before placing an order and allow 15-20 extras for family keepsakes, your photographer/s, or last-minute guest changes. Unfortunately, we cannot reduce the quantity after placing an order. We can add to the quantity, but please keep in mind that additional set-up charges may incur. Also note, as the quantity of sets increases, the pricing per set decreases.

  • What is your Return/Refund/Exchange Policy?

Due to the handmade nature of all of our products and services, we are not able to offer refunds, exchanges, nor returns on them. All sales are considered final.

  • What is the difference between fully-custom suites and semi-custom suites?


With your budget in mind, we can make suggestions based on your stationery needs and what may work best for you as a couple. On average, our truly bespoke invitation suite clients invest between CAD1,800 - CAD3,000 regardless of the quantity. However, we may be able to work around budgets outside the limits of this range, depending on the following: complexity of design, quantities, selection of paper, and print methods used. For fully-custom suites, we can also add a number of different enclosure cards that are unique and that will definitely go well with the whole look of your wedding's aesthetic. This may include, but are not limited to, save the date suites, menu cards, map cards, itinerary cards, and other enclosures. There is no minimum order for fully-custom suites, but keep in mind that it is always best to order your invitation suites all at once to get the best pricing available. As custom invitation work goes, the pricing may go up for each piece, the lower the quantity gets.

Custom suites include three initial layout studies in pencil, three inked digital proposals of layouts, one inked revision (1st digital proof — to check spelling/grammar), and one final revision (2nd and final digital proof — final chance to double-check everything). Additional rounds of revisions are 150 each and may add up to two weeks in production, depending on the design and schedule.

To ensure that we are providing the most exceptional service and full attention to details to bespoke invitation suites, we take a very limited number of clients (currently around 6-8) a year. Bespoke suites generally take 8–10 weeks in production.

To better capture your ideas for your dream invitations, fully-custom suites may require a phone call and/or an inspiration board.


Our semi-custom suite collections start at 625 CAD for 50 2-piece Invitation Suites. Depending on what you may need, you can build up from this package and add-on enclosure cards such as the Details Card and RSVP Card. For each collection, we also have a thoughtfully-designed Save the Date suite, in case you'd need it for your wedding. These suites can be ordered online in multiples of 25's, from a minimum of 50 sets up to a maximum of 200 sets. Should you need more, please get in touch for better pricing.

Semi-custom suites include one round of revision, so we encourage you to triple-check everything before approving and giving us the go ahead to send your order to production and printing. This revision includes changes in font style (serif or sans serif), spelling, grammar, and punctuation. Additional rounds of revisions are 200 each and may add up to a week or two in production, depending on the studio's calendar. These suites approximately take 4-7 weeks in production, depending on communication time, approval of proofs, and any embellishments required.

  • How do I order fully-custom suites?

To begin your inquiry, please visit our Bespoke Invitation Suites and fill out the form at the bottom of the page. Already know what you need? Let us know!

  • How do I order semi-custom suites?

Visit Shop By Collection, explore our well-thought of and lovingly-made designs, and pick the suite that is calling to you. Enter the quantity, paper, and printing options that would work best for you and your special day. If unsure about the quantity, it is safer to pick the higher number. Please keep allow 15-20 extra suites for keepsakes, your photographer, your event coordinator, and last-minute guest changes. After your design has been approved and printed, it can be costly to have additional reprints. Another helpful tip is the number of guests is most likely more than the number of households/families to receive invites. 

After clicking the Add to Cart button, a questionnaire will pop-up in which you can customize some elements of your desired suite. Once we have received your purchase, we will get in touch in 5 business days. At this stage, we will be collecting important details and content for your chosen suite.

Once the information for your semi-custom suite is complete, we will work on your proof and send you a digital proof within 7 business days upon receipt. One round of revision is included for you to check the spelling, grammatical errors, and punctuation marks on your order. Same revision includes one minor calligraphy rewrite, should you wish to change the style. Any additional rounds of revision after this will cost 200 and may push back production a week or two. A final digital proof will be sent electronically and once it's approved, we will send it to production.

Upon approval, allow 3-4 weeks for digitally printed stationery to be produced; 4-8 weeks for letterpressed and foil printed stationery, plus shipping (cost will be added to final invoice). Please keep in mind that embellishments, such as envelope addressing, wax seals, and assembly (among other add-ons) may take 1-3 weeks if they are included in your order, depending on quantity and availability.

  • Do you have samples?

I'm so glad you asked! Wedding paper is precious, so before you make that big decision for your invitations, you may want to purchase a Sample Kit that we have prepared for discerning couples like you. You will able to see and feel a variety of textures, print methods, and ink colours that we have at the studio. Samples may be purchased for 25CAD. For invitation orders with a minimum of 1000CAD, we are able to credit back the 25CAD towards your order.

  • Can I rush my order?

We would love to be part of your special event, so if you have contacted us close to your deadline, we will try to accommodate your rush request as much as our calendar allows us. An added rush fee of 50% of the total price is required for fully-custom invitation suites placed 2 months before the date you're wanting to sending your invites out, or 1 month prior for semi-custom suites. Please contact us as soon as you think we are a great match for wedding stationery and to check if we have availability!

  • Can I cancel my order?

As life happens, we do understand that you may have to cancel your order. We encourage you to send us a note if you have any questions prior to placing your order especially for what's available on our online shop. Once you've placed your order, we work on it right away. In general, you can cancel your order at anytime , but we are unable to refund the deposit once it has been paid.

  • Is there a minimum or maximum quantity for invitation orders?

For semi-custom suites, minimum is 50 sets and you are able to purchase up to 200 sets online. Should you need to order more, please don't hesitate to e-mail us at for a bulk discount and custom quote. Unfortunately, for semi-custom suite items less than 50, there is no discount as there are set-up fees to be considered.

For bespoke suites, please fill out this form for a custom quote. There is no minimum quantity, but please keep in mind that the more pieces of items you order, the pricing becomes more cost-effective.

  • I already have invitations, can I purchase just the embellishments?

Due to the custom nature of our invitations, the embellishments offered on our shop are to be ordered with invitation suites created by us, with the exception of Envelope Addressing and Wax Seals. Let us know what you’re interested in!

  • Can you do custom venue illustrations?

Yes, I am pleased to offer venue illustrations! Starting at 400CAD, a digital file will be created and may be used for your invitation card, envelope liner, and wedding banners/signage. If you would like to add this to your suite, I would need for you to provide me a high-resolution image that I can use as a reference to create the digital file. To ensure that the printing will be high quality, we only offer this as a digital file. Should you like to purchase the artwork to use later on other than what is specified above, please get in touch so we can give you a more appropriate quote and rights to artwork. Visit Venue Illustration to purchase.

If you have any questions that hasn't been answered on this page or anything about the Studio Policies, please don't hesitate to fill out the form below.