Bespoke Invitations



I love meeting couples who are as obsessed as I am with love letters, little surprises, and treasured memories. In today's digital world, you ask, "Why should we I invest on our invitations?" or “Can’t we just send e-vites?" Simple answer: After all is said and done, you *secretly* want something that you'd look back on, together (possibly with grandkids or furbabies), when you're old and grey. Your wedding invitations announces your future bond, reminds you of one of the best days ever, and unites you as the unique couple that you are.

With a background in graphic design, print production, and countless hours of calligraphy practice (I do it on the daily!), I'm confident I'd be able to make your wedding stationery dreams come true.

To ensure that I am providing the most exceptional service and full attention to details, I am currently able to accept 8–10 fully-custom invitation clients a year. Please get in touch as soon as possible if you are interested and would like me to be your Stationery and Calligraphy Maid of Honour!


With your budget in mind, we can make suggestions based on your stationery needs and what may work best for you as a couple. On average, our truly bespoke invitation suite clients invest between CAD1,800 - CAD3,000 regardless of the quantity. However, we may be able to work around budgets outside the limits of this range, depending on the following: complexity of design, selection of paper, and print methods used. A standard set may include the following pieces: Invitation*, Details Card, and RSVP Card* (*with matching envelopes), although we can chat more about what you would actually need for your event.

Printing costs may vary based on methods, paper stocks and ink types to be used. Please see below for more info or contact me if you have further questions.

To ensure the highest quality of your invites, I do not provide print-ready digital files for custom suites. Having experience in the print production industry, I only work with trusted printers and would love to take the production load off of your shoulders as you’re busy enough with wedding planning!

PROCESS & TIMELINE (Estimated turnaround time of 7-10 weeks, please allow communication time, shipping schedule, assembly and other events that may be included during the whole process.)

Note: Wedding invitations are traditionally sent out 68 weeks before the event.  Destination Save-the-Dates are likely sent out 8-10 months ahead to give your guests ample time to book time off work, arrange accommodations and travel schedule should they have to. Save-the-dates for more local weddings are usually sent out 68 months ahead.

After receiving the filled-out questionnaire, I will send you a detailed quote based on your invitation needs. Once you approve the quotation and sign the contract, a non-refundable 50% deposit is required before starting the design process. Wording for the stationery pieces will be totally up to you, and I will need a typed-up Word document of the exact suite text, which is due before I begin working on your goodies. If you are unsure with the wording, feel free to give me a heads up so I could send you a list of the common wording for invitations where you can choose what’s most appropriate for the type of your event.

INSPIRATION (12 weeks)

After our initial conversation, I will put together a design inspiration board based on what we have chatted about for your stationery and calligraphy needs. This is where we collect and narrow down your palette, paper type and print method, and some wording. Once you’ve signed off on those elements, the fun part begins!


Now, sit back and relax — I’ve got this part. Trust the process, you are in great hands.

Custom suites include three initial layout studies in pencil, one inked digital proposal of chosen layout, one inked digital revision (1st digital proof – to check spelling/grammar), and one digital proof in colour (2nd digital proof), and one final revision (3rd digital proof and final chance to double-check everything). Additional rounds of revisions are 150 each and may add up to two weeks in production, depending on the design and schedule.


Once the final proof is approved, we then head on to production! For all orders, we provide a few rounds of digital proofs. Something to note: Due to the nature of letterpress and foil methods, please ensure you have checked the proofs diligently. For these methods, we will have to create plates to be used for the finished design. You are required to sign the final agreement at this time for approval on wording / spelling / ink colours / paper stock / etc. 

Should you require assembly and embellishments, please keep in mind this may add a few days to your order’s production timeline.


If you have any questions regarding printing, paper, and ink, please let me know and I would gladly walk you through each method’s process.

Fine Art Digital is the lowest-costing among the three print methods I offer. The sky’s the limit for colours in digital printing and your stationery can be printed on heavy card stock or handmade paper. If you'd like to incorporate watercolour on your stationery, I would highly recommend this type of printing. A monochromatic design digitally-printed on handmade or textured paper is also one of my favourites as it adds a romantic and delicate feel to your suites!

Letterpress is a lovely touch (pun intended!) and is one of the more popular print methods for wedding invites.  Nobody can resist the texture and depth of letterpressed stationery. Because a plate must be created for each layer of colour needed for elements on a stationery item, this process usually costs 30-40% more than digital printing and might add 2-3 weeks more to the timeline. This print method is highly recommended for those wanting a more traditional and elegant feel for their wedding. Letterpress can be done on beautiful heavy cotton stock or handmade paper.

Foil is one for those who have high appreciation for statement stationery. This has an elegant and regal feel, and although it's one of the more traditional methods for wedding stationery, it has never gone out of style. It can cost 40-60% more than digital printing and, like letterpress, each plate is to be created for each colour used and might add 2-3 weeks more to the production timeline. Foil printing is recommended on thick cotton stock or handmade paper.


Envelope addressing is a gorgeous and thoughtful add-on to your stationery and I'm excited offer a few styles to match the feel and tone of your big day.

* when ordered with bespoke or semi-custom suites on in-house envelope stock

If you would like a more detailed pricing on this, please get in touch! Due to the handmade nature of calligraphy, letters and characters for the envelope addressing may not look exactly the same as each other. Each envelope is a work of art and must be appreciated as such.

*All prices listed are in Canadian Dollars.