In collaboration with Wax Seals and Artisaire, my signature Majestic Mountains wax seal stamp design is now available for purchase!

My design, “Majestic Mountains,” represents hope, positivity, and accomplishment. We climb life's proverbial mountains everyday, and in doing so we remind ourselves that we cannot be dissuaded because of fear or uncertainty. Mountains show us that we need to make the journey to the top before we can enjoy the breathtaking views.

I love the outdoors and I find inspiration in nature. Moving to the Pacific North West gave me all the reasons to do more hikes and explore. There’s something about mountains that leave you breathless but wanting more, and I wanted my design to be exactly like that. Designed for all of you mountain couples, #pnw lovers, and hopeless adventurers... this little darling embodies everything to be loved about exploring the great outdoors!


Looking to add wax seals for your wedding or your company's packaging?