The AYLA View Collection is a selection of curated wedding paper, built with discerning and wildly-in-love couples in mind. These pieces are for those, like you, who have an impeccable taste for design, need a quicker turnaround for invitation suites, and are still wanting to make your stationery personal and unique. Or possibly, you heard through the grapevine that the AYLA View Collection is just calling out your name. Well, you're in luck, because I've made it easier for you. Read on how to personalize a semi-custom suite and make it yours.



110# COTTON STOCK ($) — 

  • Straight edges

  • Recommended for Digital Printing or subtle Letterpress

  • Available in Bright White, Pearl White, and Natural White

220# DT COTTON STOCK ($$) —

  • Straight edges

  • Recommended for pillowy Letterpress or Metallic Foil

  • Available in Bright White, Pearl White, and Natural White


  • Deckled edges

  • Recommended for Digital Printing, Letterpress, and Metallic Foil

  • Available in Off-White, White Sand (warm undertone), Haze (cool undertone)


DIGITAL ($-$$) —

The lowest-costing among the three print methods I offer. The sky’s the limit for colours in digital printing and your stationery can be printed on heavy card stock or handmade paper. For bespoke invitations, if you'd like to incorporate watercolour on your stationery, I would highly recommend this type of printing. A monochromatic design digitally-printed on handmade paper is one of my favourites, but this method is lovely as well on cotton or textured paper.

LETTERPRESS ($$-$$$) —

We are proud to offer letterpress services in-house with our 110-year-young cast iron Chandler and Price beauty named Luna. This method is a lovely touch (pun intended!) and is one of the more popular print methods for wedding invites. Nobody can resist the texture and depth of letterpressed stationery. Because a plate must be created for each layer of colour needed for elements on a stationery item, this process usually costs 30-40% more than digital printing and might add 2-3 weeks more to the timeline. This print method is highly recommended for those wanting a more traditional and elegant feel for their wedding. Letterpress looks amazing on beautiful heavy cotton stock, textured paper, or handmade paper.


These colours are merely recommendations, but if you have something else in mind, please inquire prior to placing an order. We’d love to make it as personalized as possible for you!

*Off-White Ink is only available in Letterpress


FOIL ($$$-$$$$) —

This print method is one for those who have high appreciation for statement stationery. This has an elegant and regal feel, and although it's one of the more traditional methods for wedding stationery, it has never gone out of style. It can cost 40-60% more than digital printing and, like letterpress, each plate is to be created for each colour used and might add 2-3 weeks more to the production timeline. Foil printing is recommended on thick cotton stock, dark-coloured paper, or handmade paper.




We are pleased to offer beautiful cotton/matte envelopes in a wide range of colours for your main and response envelopes. If you don’t see a specific colour you had in mind in our suggested colours, please let us know when placing your order and we will try our best to accommodate your request. We are also able to source some handmade paper envelopes depending on availability, please don’t hesitate to contact us prior to placing an order.

Note that ALL Save-the-Dates in The Collection come with off-white envelopes.

*White or metallic ink must be used for addressing dark-coloured envelopes. If dark envelopes are chosen to go with digitally-printed suites, we will discuss your options. ˚Fees may apply.



FERMINA — classic, elegant, graceful

FERMINA — classic, elegant, graceful

JARA —  airy, delicate, whimsical

JARA — airy, delicate, whimsical

SOPHIA —  sweet, simple, no-fuss

SOPHIA — sweet, simple, no-fuss

KAIRA —  fun, flourished, bold

KAIRA — fun, flourished, bold


SERIF — traditional & elegant

SERIF — traditional & elegant

SANS SERIF — modern & contemporary

SANS SERIF — modern & contemporary


Want a custom one?    Let us know!

Want a custom one? Let us know!






Interested in a fully-custom suite that's 100% you?  We'd love to make it happen!